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Developing Youth Through Inreach and Outreach
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The Center of Empowerment is dedicated to providing cultural enrichment, educational and outreach services to youth and their families.  We work with law enforcement agencies, social services, community organizations, churches, courts and attorneys to ensure that we provide the best possible services to the community.  These services include:

Empowering Parenting Program:
Covers a variety of topics to strengthen existing parenting skills, including setting boundaries, anger management, stages of discipline, self-esteem, and communication, among others.

Empower Co-Parenting Program:
For divorced couples who need guidance on how divorce affects children, communication, and maintaining healthy relationships, and conflict resolution, among other topics.

Family Mediation Services:
Mediation is a service to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce, or who have already separated, to negotiate their own terms of agreement, while addressing the needs and interests of all involved.
RARE, INC Mentoring:
We engage young ladies and women in workshops that will enhance their self-image, goal setting, communication, etiquette skills, networking skills, and leadership skills.

Inside Strength
We work with schools, camps, and organizations to provide a wellness programs at a level that can be easily understood and adapted for implementation with children of all ages.

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Prevention Seminars:
Stewards of Children is designed to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and promote child-protective behaviors. This revolutionary program is for any responsible adult who cares about the welfare of children.

Home Study Assessments:
Protects children by screening a prospective family or parent.  It is also an educational experience addressing many issues facing natural or adoptive parents.

Music Therapy:
Uses music to help youth tackle issues by using lyrics to positively change children’s moods and behaviors.